Hear What Our Guests Have to Say About Our Luxury Tours

Our team create the world's best luxury driving experiences. It's our passion and that's our promise to you. But don't just ask us – hear firsthand from past guests about their experience on our supercar tours, self drive holidays, f1 packages and more. Have a look through the testimonials below then get in touch with our team to discuss the perfect experience for you.

Hear firsthand from our guests
why they choose Ultimate Driving Tours.

Chuck & Margo, USA

Probably the most fun you could ever have; it's beyond first class, it's a class of its own.

Adam & Kerryn, Australia

Just unbelievable; out of this world – a bucket-list dream with new but now lifelong friends.

Brad & Brett, Australia

We've now done six tours across Europe, the USA and Australia. We love it!

John & Pam, New Zealand

Having everything organised for you, along with the cars, the people, the food and wine. It's just been awesome.

Dale & Joyce, USA

Everything has been really top shelf. If you could bottle this, you'd be a millionaire.

Sab & Antonia, Australia

The tours are fantastic – the cars, the people, the hotels and restaurants, and the comradery.

Andy & Manny, Australia

The whole experience – driving and experiencing all the cars, and meeting a wonderful new group of friends.

Richard & Diane, USA

We've met some fabulous people; beautiful scenery and cars. It's about having a good time and everything is organised.

Steve, Australia

These tours are so much fun – ridiculous cars on awesome roads with your best mate.

David, Australia

Ballistic! Great cars, great people, and the places we've stayed… the food, it's just been terrific. We're already talking about a reunion tour!

Warren, Australia

The best four days I can ever recall… Just full on fun – awesome cars, so well organised, awesome accommodation… it was just sensational!

Michelle, Australia

Fantastic, loved it. You think you've had the best day, then you go onto the next day. It's just been ‘wow!' the whole time!

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