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The Ultimate Luxury Gift for Men Who Love Cars

Are you searching for a unique luxury gift for a man who has everything?

Surprise him with an unforgettable adventure.

Two men sit on a large stone balcony conversing over their laptops as they take in a view across sweeping green valleys in the evening sun.

Do you know a man who seemingly has everything? A husband, a father, a brother perhaps?

Buying gifts for him may feel like an impossible task. Because what do you get someone who has it all?

He owns all the gadgets, he’s done the day trips. And his wardrobe already bulges with designer clothes and watches.

A group of guests on a supercar driving tour descend a long staircase in Champagne, France.

Take comfort, gift-giver, because you’re not alone in your plight.

Each year, generous gifters like you spend countless hours seeking out the ultimate gift for him.

For christmas. For his birthday.

You search painstakingly, hoping to find the gift to end all gifts for the man in your life who already wants for nothing.

Each year lists upon lists of the latest and greatest gift ideas are scoured, each promising to solve this eternal conundrum. Loved ones look to these lists with high hopes and great expectations — maybe this will be the one!

And each year new gifts are lovingly purchased, delivered, wrapped in promise, but still leaving him unfulfilled.

Still, the ultimate gift eludes this man. And so the search continues.

Until now.

You can call off the search.

Because for the man who has everything, the choice is surprisingly simple:

the greatest adventure of his life.

A man is filled with happiness as he exits a McLaren 720S on an Ultimate Driving Tours dream car holiday.

The ultimate luxury gift for men? A supercar driving holiday

One luxury tour of Europe. 10 days. 10 supercars. An expertly crafted selection of iconic driving routes. And a weekend of celebrations in the world’s most lavish playground—Monaco.

A McLaren 720S tackles a sweeping stretch of road with trees on either side on the European supercar tour

Each day he’ll create new and everlasting memories, to be savoured each night over exquisite meals enjoyed in the Michelin-starred restaurants of hotels so exclusive, even James Bond couldn’t get a reservation.

A group of people are talking around a large dinner table enjoying a meal in an ornate European dining room during their luxury tour

Each morning, he’ll awaken in his kingly quarters to take in a breathtaking new vista before contemplating which childhood dream to drive that day. Will it be a Ferrari, or a Lamborghini? A Porsche or an Aston Martin? Or maybe today has a Bentley in store?

A selection of supercars sit on the gravel outside an elegant white stone mansion in France during an Ultimate Driving Tours luxury holiday.

As he relaxes in the fine leather driver’s seat, fires up the ignition and takes in the handcrafted engine note, he’ll cast his mind to the person who made this dream come true for him. That person is you. And perhaps you’ll be sitting next to him, sharing the greatest adventure of his life.

Three people toast glasses of champagne on a luxury holiday with Ultimate Driving Tours.

And as he watches the most iconic race on earth from the comfort of our superyacht in Port Hercule, he’ll want nothing else but to remember how he felt on this trip.

A man and a woman smile joyfully as they sit in a convertible red Ferrari on a sunny day during an Ultimate Driving Tours luxury driving vacation.

We know that some gifts last a while, and some don’t last at all. But memories are for life, and that’s what our tours are for.

Because why give the man who has everything… just one thing, when you can give him the gift that has everything?

Give him the adventure of a lifetime when you book a European supercar tour.

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