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Discover our 2024 Program of Luxury Driving Experiences

We’ve just released our 2024 calendar of events, and 2024 is shaping up to be a blockbusting year. 

Read on to catch up on some of our 2023 highlights and discover what’s in store in 2024. As you’ll see, we don’t sit on our laurels. 

We are continuously refining our tours to include the best that luxury travel has to offer, then taking it a step further.  Michelin star fine dining, luxurious castles and villas, and experiences that allow you to enjoy the finer things in life. We also update our driving routes to ensure we continue to find freedom on the open road for your driving pleasure. The best part, we take care of every detail. All guests need to do is arrive, and enjoy. 

All of this combined with another new addition to our fleet of supercars, this is set to be our most thrilling year yet. 

Let’s take a closer look …

Award-Winning Driving Tours

There’s no better way to discover the unique thrill of driving the world’s best supercars than by experiencing them on the roads for which they were designed — and that’s exactly what we do on our award-winning luxury driving tours. You can indulge in tours of any length, from relaxed weekend breaks to epic adventures stretching up to two weeks. 

Most notably, in 2024, we will further expand our European tour calendar to include more dates and tours to accommodate ever-growing demand. As always, places are sure to fill quickly so early booking is advised, particularly if you are interested in joining our most in-demand tours, including our iconic Monaco-based experiences.

Two red Ferraris approach a corner on a road above a lake, as a passenger stretches above the windscreen to take a picture.

Image: Ultimate Driving Tours

Highlights from our 2024 Driving Tour program 


European Supercar Tour + Monaco F1 

Le Grand Tour Provence + Monaco F1


Chateaux & Champagne Supercar Tour


Swiss Supercar Tour


Italian Supercar Tour + Monza F1


A Taste Of Tuscany Supercar Tour

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A bright blue Aston Martin convertible cruises along a high country road.

Image: Ultimate Driving Tours

Incredible Self-Guided Drives

If you can’t make a group tour — or just fancy some time with just you, or a loved one — you can opt for an incredible self-guided drive. Just you and the supercar of your choice, and the open road. 

On our self-guided drives, you travel at your own pace in one of our world-class exotic cars, with everything expertly mapped out for you. Spend your days cruising remarkable roads and soaking up stunning landscapes before unwinding in boutique luxury accommodation that makes every evening as special as the day that preceded it.

Highlights from our 2024 Self-Guided Drive program


Tuscany Self-Drive Tour

French Riviera Self-Drive Tour


Swiss Alps Self-Drive Tour

Bavaria & Tyrol Self-Drive Tour

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The pit lane at Circuit de Monaco is filled with team members and spectators during the Grand Prix.

Image: Ultimate Driving Tours

Exceptional Motorsport Hospitality

Whether you’re a new fan, a lifelong enthusiast or just love being part of the action, motorsport events are always best enjoyed live at the track, where you can be immersed in the glamour and atmosphere of a race weekend.

We offer an expertly curated selection of motorsport hospitality experiences at the most prestigious and sought-after races on the F1 and motorsport calendar. All include fine dining and premium wines for an elegant party atmosphere and an effortlessly exclusive experience. 

Highlights from our 2024 Motorsport Hospitality program


F1 Australian Grand Prix


F1 Monaco Grand Prix


Goodwood Festival of Speed


F1 Italian Grand Prix, Monza

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Two happy women wearing glasses share a toast at an elegant dinner table.

Image: Ultimate Driving Tours

Tailor-Made Private and Corporate Travel Experiences

While we work tirelessly to perfect our calendar of driving tours and self-drives, we also understand that you may want something totally unique — a tailored luxury journey. After all, perfection is personal.

Whether you are celebrating a special milestone or taking a romantic trip, you can add extra experiences that push your buttons. Let your imagination run wild and give us your dream specifications, because we can make nearly anything happen!

In 2024, we are also pleased to continue our corporate and incentive travel program. These are ideal for any organisation wanting to bond with clients, build a winning culture or reward key team members in real style. 

Ultimate Driving Tours’ fleet of supercars parked outside a luxury hotel.

Image: Ultimate Driving Tours

In brief: Our 2023 highlights

More than 300 guests, 10 supercar tours, 25 self-guided drives and four Grand Prix weekends — it’s safe to say that 2023 is keeping us more than a little busy.

It’s also been a record-breaking year for us. In May, we held our largest event ever, surrounding the F1 weekend in Monaco. It was the first time we hosted four supercar tours around the weekend with 100 guests in total, all culminating on our specially chartered superyacht for the Grand Prix. Along with another 20 race weekend-only guests, it really felt special to share our unique experiences with so many enthusiastic motorsport fans.

In July, we were excited to welcome the newest supercar to our fleet – the Aston Martin V8 Vantage F1. Fans of Formula 1 will instantly recognise it as the safety car at every Grand Prix, and guests on our tours get to enjoy the power and beauty of this cutting-edge incarnation of a British classic.

Yet the year is far from over and we are creating new highlights each day. Be sure to follow the journey on our socials @UltimateDrivingTours — get a sneak peek of what could be waiting for you next year, or beyond …

A red Chevrolet Corvette tails a brace of supercars along a green valley road.

Image: Ultimate Driving Tours

Why wait any longer? Secure your place for 2024 now

In 2024, we’re going bigger and better than ever. But now the word is out, and places are limited. So isn’t it about time you joined us for your adventure of a lifetime? 

Whether your dream journey is a thrilling weekend with friends at a legendary Grand Prix, or a spectacular tour of Europe, now is the time to speak with our friendly team and put the wheels in motion.

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