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We're Excited for the Supercar Tour d'Italia + Italian GP

If driving Italy’s best roads in Italy’s best cars to Italy’s Formula One Grand Prix sounds like a dream come true, make it happen with Ultimate Driving Tours’ Supercar Tour d’Italia

Two red Ferraris stretch their legs in Italy’s rolling hills on an Ultimate Driving Tours luxury escape


If you’re anything like me, you are a real Latin lover: there is no such thing as too much Italian anything! We love the food, the wine, the people, the language, the country, the roads … and, of course, the cars.

A red Ferrari 488 takes on a sweeping section of road in Italy’s snow-capped hills

It’s all about passion in Italy. How else can you explain a Ferrari or a Lamborghini? They could never be described as practical, but they can be described as drop-dead gorgeous. Everyone on the Ultimate Driving Tours’ team loves them, as do our guests.

That’s why we decided we had to go over the top with a tour to Italy. Driving Ferraris and Lamborghinis on Italy’s best roads including the Stelvio Pass, with the very best food, wine and hotels to enjoy at the end of each day.

A white Mercedes AMG GTR takes on a hairpin bend during a descent of the iconic Stelvio Pass

Our Supercar Tour d’Italia has long been one of the most popular tours on our calendar, and it’s now only a couple of weeks away.

People seem to love the chance to test the best of the Italian cars against those from other parts of the world (think Porsche and Mercedes from Germany, and McLaren and Aston from the UK), but this year we are adding a very special ‘first’ to the experience: you can drive Italy’s most iconic supercars on the country’s best roads, then finish up with a weekend at the legendary Italian GP, taking in one of most legendary races in the F1 calendar.

This event is the fifth oldest national Grand Prix, having been held since 1921. It is one of the two Grands Prix (the other is Monaco) which has run as an event of the Formula One World Championship Grands Prix every season, continuously, since the championship was introduced in 1950.

We do a full behind-the-scenes tour of Monza the week before the race, including seeing the main building with the media and race control centre. There’s a chance to stand on the podium, walk the track and visit the old banked circuit.

A group of guests on an Ultimate Driving Tours Italian supercar tour enjoying a tour of the legendary Monza racetrack

To get us into full race mode, given Ferrari has had the most wins here, we also visit the home of Ferrari – Maranello, and enjoy a VIP guided tour of Museo Ferrari. While there, you have the option to participate in a private track day experiencing the Ferrari 488 Challenge Car and Lamborghini Huracan SuperTrofeo – and of course, there’s lunch at Ristorante Cavallino, the preferred lunch venue of the Ferrari Factory.

Ultimate Driving Tours’; guests take photos of a rare prototype car at Ferrari’s famous Maranello factory in Italy

Also on this tour you will experience one of our favourite hotels: the Mandarin Oriental at Lake Como. This is George Clooney territory, so keep your eyes open – sadly we haven’t yet spotted him on our recces in the region.

A shot of the Mandarin Oriental hotels swimming pool as it sits on the edge of beautiful Lake Como, Italy

This historic lakeside property, in the village of Brevio, opened in April this year (2019) after a huge renovation. At its heart is the Villa Roccabruna, famous since the 14th century when it was called Casino Ribiere, after its then owner Mrs Ribier who was an eccentric Parisian dressmaker working in Milan.

In the 18th century it was bought and restored by opera singer Giuditta Pasta (believe it or not!) and became a meeting place for artists, composers and singers of the era.

After those glory days, it sat uninhabited for nearly 50 years before becoming the luxury resort where the group will stay.

An exterior shot of the Mandarin Oriental at Lake Como shows the historic building elegantly lit as dusk draws in over the lake

Why not mark Ultimate Driving Tours’ Supercar Tour d’Italia in your diary for 2020, and book now. Come and join us for the best in Italian food, wine, cars – and adventure.

A silver platter holds delicate canapés in decorative glasses ready for serving to Ultimate Driving Tours’; guests in Italy

Image: from porsche