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After a decade of running tours and arranging prestige car rental, we have a lot of experience under our belt.  We have worked with numerous suppliers the world over and can provide advice and assistance when it comes to arranging luxury car hire with reputable and reliable suppliers from Europe to the USA.

We would be remise, of course, not to recommend you join one of our supercar driving tours, on which we ensure the latest fleet of supercars are available. On our guided tours you also have the opportunity to drive all the cars featured on the event – a very rare opportunity! With each vehicle having a unique personality and drive experience, this is one of the few opportunities you may have to drive a series of the world’s best vehicles back to back – what better way to challenge and change your views and assumptions!

Audi r8 v10 Spyder

Audi R8 V10 Spider

If you’re hungry for a gorgeous but powerful, driver friendly but quick as lightening vehicle, the Audi R8 Spyder delivers. Featuring a V10 FSI engine that generates a pulse-pounding 525HP, unrivalled performance, and stunning good looks, the R8 Spyder is the supercar about which drivers’ dream. Consider your wish granted.

aston-martin-vantage-v12, Ultimate Driving Tours, Supercar hire

Aston Martin Vantage S

The V12 Vantage S is without a doubt an unprecedented engineering achievement. Combining a V12 engine with a super light sportscar package, Aston have created a beast of pure aggression. The Vantage S is the most ferocious Aston Martin ever produced and the pinnacle of the Vantage Range. She awaits your arrival…

Bentley Continental GT 2016 , Ultimate Driving Tours

Bentley GT

When it comes to Bentley, ultra-luxury, comfort and prestige are the first terms that come to mind; however, with a top speed of 330kph and a 0-100 acceleration of 3.7 seconds, the GT is also incredible powerful. The GT is perfect for a winding country road, and as Bentley themselves say, it gives you the freedom to take to the open road on your own terms. 

BMW i8, Ultimate Driving Tours

BMW i8

With its fascinating holistic concept, the BMW i8 brings the vision of a modern and sustainable sportscar to life. It looks radical – other-worldly even, and is often dismissed in a line up of supercars because of its hybrid motor. But put to bed any doubts you have about this gorgeous beast because definitely holds her own amongst the pack!

2015-Ferrari-F12-Berlinetta, Supercar hire, Ultimate Driving Tours

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

The Ferrari F12 not only ushers in a whole new generation of 12 cylinder prancing horse, it’s also the most powerful and high performance Ferrari of the current range! A veritable tour de force, this 730HP 6.3L V12 brute is still a looker, with curvaceous lines that are both functional and stylish. Undoubtably one for those who like the very best of the best.


Ferrari 488 GTB

The successor to the much-loved 458 Italia sees the insane-revving, naturally aspirated V8 retired in favor of a turbocharged unit. With a 3.9L V8 located at your back, you’ll enjoy every second of the 488GTB’s sonorous wail, all the way on up to 8000RPM, where she hits 661HP. This wild child will rock you from 0–100 in a very rapid 3.0 seconds. Enjoy!

ferrari-458-speciale, Ultimate Driving Tours, Europe, USA, Australia

Ferrari 458 Speciale

Every Ferrari is special, but the Speciale takes Ferrari to a new level of greatness. Having collected an array of international motoring awards, this stunning masterpiece cranks up the crazy with a 4.5L naturally aspirated V8 which produces 597HP at its 9000RPM peak. Don’t mess with this girl.

Ferrari Cali T, ultimate Driving Tours, USA, Europe, Australia

Ferrari California T

The T stands for ‘turbo’, and this latest Cali is better in every way than the original. Its a true Supercar with a lid that comes off, and our pick if you want to go fast in style! With a 550HP 3.9L V8 paired with a seven-speed dual-clutch auto, the T is quick and agile, as well as simply gorgeous!

2016-Jaguar-F-Type-R-coupe, Ultimate Driving Tours

Jaguar F-Type R

Featuring a supercharged 550HP 5.0L V8, the all wheel drive F-Type R is powerful, agile, distinctive, and has an exhaust that crackles and pops – a sound increasingly absent on modern supercars. Not only can she hustle with the best of them, she’s also the definition of style, just wait until you’re behind the wheel!

amborghini_aventador_lp_700, Ultimate Driving Tours

Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4

With a top speed listed simply as ‘more than 350kph’, the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 is brutally powerful and obscenely flamboyant. Its 515kW, state-of-the-art naturally aspirated V12 engine blasts this beast from 0-100kph in a jet-like 2.9 seconds. Whether in terms of its design or technology, the Aventador represents a whole new level of supercar standard – legendary!


Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4

The LP610-4 is fast, loud, sharp, and extroverted. Its 5.2L Audi-sourced V10 engine feels wonderfully raw and unfettered, producing up to 600HP while hitting the 100kmph mark in 3.2 seconds. Despite ballistic acceleration, this car is nimble, responsible and has excellent handling. Top it all off with Lamborghini’s typical bombastic looks and you have one phenomenal beast on your hands. 

lamborghini-gallardo-superleggera, ultimate Driving tours, USA, Europe, Australia

Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4

While the Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera is now considered an ageing supercar in terms of technology, we still believe it to be the quintessence of what the automotive industry strives for: more power, less weight, better design. Italian for superlight, the Superleggera is a 5.2L 560HP V10 beast that masters 0-100kph in just 3.4 seconds – a vehicle that still gives any modern supercar a run for its money.


McLaren 650s

The 650S can be decidedly simple to drive, simply select automatic and the ‘normal’ setting for powertrain and handling. But, be warned – while there are many fast cars out there, few have performance capabilities that require drivers to up their skills so profoundly. With a 3.8L twin-turbo V8, the 650s hits 0-100kph in 2.9 seconds before topping out at 330kph. Are you ready?


McLaren 12C Spider

While the 12C is no longer in production, it remains an extraordinary supercar. With stylish looks and a 616HP V8, this McLaren is capable of 0-100 in 3.2 seconds, and has consistently beaten top of the line vehicles in motoring reviews. Competitors struggle to match the 12C’s combination of performance, technology and looks… Get ready for a showdown!


Mercedes AMG GT S

The devastatingly handsome AMG GT S draws heavily on the SLS. From a dauntingly low position, way back position on the rear axel, this 503HP V8 will propel you from 0-100kph in only 3.8 seconds, on its way to a 310kph top speed. The AMG GT S is a distinctive yet comfortable grand tourer which will undoubtedly surprise and delight.


Mercedes Benz SLS

The super-fast, hyper-masculine, half-million-dollar, gullwing doored Mercedes Benz SLS is already a classic in the making. Thanks to its mighty 6.2L V8, the mackdaddy of the Mercedes range is capable of reaching 100kph from standstill in just 3.5 seconds. It not only has a pretty epic power-to-weight ratio, it is pretty epic in general.


Porsche 911 Turbo S

For decades, the 911 Turbo has been the stuff of legends – a title it continues to claim today. With a monstrous 580HP on hand, this all wheel drive supercar is officially stated to hit 100kmh in less than three seconds. Comfortable in all situations, and with styling to boot, this graceful lady continues to remain a timeless inclusion on our tours.

rolls-royce-phantom-drophead, Ultimate Driving Tours

Rolls Royce Phantom drophead

What has a teak deck, is designed like a 1930s yacht, has a V12 and goes 0-100 in around 5 seconds? Nothing but the Phantom Drophead. This is the best of the best as far as convertibles go, featuring on some select food and wine tours. This is about as close to royalty as you can get, and you will definitely feel like a Royal at the wheel of this gorgeous beast.

Featured Tour

Featured Tour

Supercar Tour + Monaco GP

Four days driving a selection of the world’s best supercars on Europe’s famed alpine roads, followed by the weekend aboard our privately chartered superyacht for the jewel in the crown of F1 – the Grand Prix of Monaco. A must for any motoring enthusiast!

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Featured Tour

Ultimate Track Tour

Drive three of the oldest, longest, and most legendary and challenging circuits in Europe - if not the world: Nurburgring Nordschleife, Spa-Francorchamps and Circuito Ascari, in specially prepared track cars!

Featured Tour

Featured Tour


An exhilarating driver training experience in one of the most stunning environments in the world! Take the trip of a lifetime to an automotive winter wonderland, where you can drive an array of high performance vehicles on full-scale replica circuits!

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