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Ultimate Driving Tours specialise in innovative, exclusive and unforgettable driving holidays, motorsport packages and luxury escapes.

Drive the world’s best supercars on Europe, Australia and the USA’s most renowned roads. Follow up with famed motorsport events, from the energy and excitement of F1, to NASCAR or Indy. Need more adrenalin? Then experience these race cars, or race-ready supercars at infamous tracks along the likes of Nurburgring and Spa.

Each exceptional journey is complete with luxury accommodation, gastronomic dining, Champagne, fine wine and private charters.

What are you waiting for? Join an event in our tour calendar, or contact us to plan a bespoke experience for your corporate or private group.

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  • "This is what they call the trip of a lifetime. The four days driving the supercars were absolutely amazing. To combine these cars, with the scenary and roads we encountered was an irresistible combination. The tour was well organised with the lead and trail cars, and never was there an emphasis to drive faster than your limits. The accommodation was top class and the whole tour was very personable and well organised. Bravo to the team in making these dreams come true."

    Simon Watson 2013 European Supercar Tour
  • "I went on the European Ultimate Driving Tour in May 2013, then the Italian Supercar Tour in June 2015, and well what can I say....they were great. Cars were fantastic and in beautiful condition as you would expect. The roads were amazing and ensured you enjoyed all that these amazing cars can do. Not only that, but over the course of the week you really get to know all the other guys on a tour, all of whom share a passion for driving. Great people, great cars, amazing roads, good food and luxurious accomodation...what more do you need."

    Adam McGilvery 2013 European Supercar Tour; 2015 Supercar Tour d'Italia
  • "Just a few words to thank you for a fantastic couple of weeks in the UK and Europe. Firstly driving some great roads such as the Swiss Alps in some of the best cars you could put your backside in - e.g. Audi R8, Porsche Turbo (my favourite), Ferrari F430, and not forgetting the surprise package the Bentley twin turbo. Then onto Nurburgring and doing some fantastic laps at almost race speed in the BMW M3 and other cars, what a great experience"

    Kerry Smith 2008 European Supercar Tour
  • "After the 2008 Nurburgring Tour, I thought I had experienced the trip of lifetime. Then in 2010 I drove a genuine Formula 1 car around a private track in France. Surely, I thought, this was the ultimate car enthusiast’s experience. Then in 2015, I ticked off a long-standing bucket-list item – the Monaco GP in absolute luxury aboard a superyacht. Each of these activities were incredible experiences alone, but combined with driving some of the world's best cars on breathtaking roads across Europe, made for truly 'Ultimate Driving Tours'. Magnificent hotels, fine food and wine, and the company of a great group of people, who share the passion for cars and driving, cap off each day. Congratulations to the team for organising the tours, and for running them in such a friendly, professional, and spirited way."

    Dr Juris Briedis (aka “Silver Fox”) 2008 Ultimate Track Tour; 2010 European Supercar Tour; 2015 European Supercar Tour + Monaco GP
  • "My European Supercar dream was 10 years in the making and finally realised in 2015. This was truly a trip of a lifetime even surpassing my exceedingly high expectations. From the moment i touched down in Europe, I felt like a VIP. From the accommodation, hospitality, organisation and most importantly the supercars, everything was first class. I can't say enough about the way the UDT team run their tours...they are true professionals and make you feel part of the Ultimate Driving Tours' family. Heading back for tour number 2 in 2017... Can't wait - Thanks for the super experience and endless memories."

    Terry Panigiris 2015 European Supercar Tour + Monaco GP; 2016 Ultimate USA; 2017 Il Tributo Senna
  • "European Supercar Tour : Great cars, great people, great fun! A unique way to see Europe and stay in some of the world’s most amazing locations. Everything is very well organised and all taken care of. An amazing “bucket list” item for you and a mate. So much fun, I’ve already done it twice!"

    Dave Callus 2013 & 2015 European Supercar Tour + Monaco GP
  • "Accommodation….. unbelievable, breathtaking!! The Cars…… superb, very cool. The whole tour is run extremely well; the team are seasoned professionals and it shows. I’ve been fortunate to do the European Supercar Tour with Monaco Grand Prix, as well as the Ferrari Supercar Tour. If you like nice cars, lovely places and unbelievable countryside, then you need to speak to these guys.Highly recommended!!! Definitely a bucket-list item."

    Anthony Mansell 2013 European Supercar Tour + Monaco GP; 2015 Supercar Tour d'Italia; 2016 Champagne & Supercars
  • "The 2015 European Supercar Tour and Monaco Grand Prix experience was a bucket-list item for me, which definitely exceeded my expectations in every way. The UDT team made the whole experience enjoyable, fun and easy. From the spectacular accommodation, the supercars, the superyacht, driving routes, ease of transfers and everything in-between. Running on empty, the Tour was refreshing and truly a holiday, with the biggest decisions revolving around what to eat and drink……everything else was taken care of! What was to be a bucket-list item is now to be repeated every 2-3 years, as not only is the experience was mind blowing, but the people you meet are amazing."

    Christophe Boribon 2015 European Supercar Tour + Monaco GP
  • "I can only describe the event as a true ‘Top Gear’ experience; a must for any motoring enthusiasts. Driving some of the world’s most exciting supercars on some of Europe’s most iconic roads made me feel like a Jeremy Clarkson. To finish off at the Monaco F1 Grand Prix on a superyacht was the icing on the cake. I wish to praise the UDT team on the manner in which the event was prepared and managed; it was second to none. This is coming from someone who has attended many professional events. In conclusion, I have no reservation in being an ambassador of Ultimate Driving Tours."

    Serge Giampetrone 2015 European Supercar Tour + Monaco GP
  • "The Ultimate Driving Tour was as it was billed, a trip of a lifetime, great cars, great people, great locations. My new challenge is how to justify a trip of a lifetime every year to my wife. Thanks for some great and brilliantly organised trips!”

    Brett Gallagher 2008 and 2012 European Supercar Tours + 2010 Ultimate USA Tour
  • "What awesome trips! My first was having the opportunity to drive Nascars, race corvettes and even get a few rounds off on the firing range was just fabulous! The second was watching the Grand Prix of Monaco aboard a massive superyacht! Each trip was so well planned and faultless.  If you are looking to drive fast cars overseas then you have to do it with the crew at Ultimate Driving Tours!  I will definitely be doing a yearly trip with these guys!" 

    Scott Crawford 2012 USA Supercar Tour; 2014 Monaco GP Superyacht Hospitality
  • "With UDT I have had 4 'once in a lifetime' experiences in the last 5 years, each addictive, amazing and highly recommended for driving enthusiasts. My first experience was in the USA with the famous Indy 500; the last 3 have been driving incredible roads around Europe in the world's best cars, and of course the Monaco GP. In addition to the cars and driving, I have enjoyed the cities and villages we visit. The accommodation is also always of a very high standard. The team are very professional in the way they prepare, organise and conduct the events. It takes very strong organisational skills to run everything so efficiently and smoothly, while ensuring everyone has a fantastic time and people take away life long memories. While I have already been 4 times, I will certainly be doing more tours."

    Greg Kenny 2011 USA Supercar Tour; 2012 & 2013 European Supercar Tour; 2015 Italian Supercar Tour; 2016 Ultimate USA
  • "Ultimate Driving Tours are great! If you share a love of supercars, driving, travel and fun ... go on a tour (or more than one). Plus the team are so easy to deal with."

    Francesco Andreone 2008 & 2011 European Supercar Tours
  • "What a fantastic, fun weekend we had at the US Grand Prix! The transfers were flawless, the catering and bar facilities were excellent and so was the company.  But, the restaurant meeting with F1 Driver Daniel Ricciardo was the absolute icing on the cake (what a lovely guy!) and a truly memorable birthday treat for me!  Both Paul and I will remember that night forever - it was like a dream!  Thank you to the team at UDT for organising such a wonderful event.  We are so looking forward to joining you again on the Supercar Tour d'Italia next year!"

    Megan Kovac 2014 European Supercar Tour, 2016 Ultimate USA and 2017 Supercar Tour d'Italia


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